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Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede Robin Padilla Movie Torrent !LINK!


Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede Robin Padilla Movie Torrent !LINK!

Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede: A Filipino Action Comedy Movie Starring Robin Padilla

Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede (English: It Can't Be Not Possible) is a 1999 Filipino action comedy movie starring Robin Padilla, Vina Morales and Bayani Agbayani. It was directed by Francis Posadas and produced by Viva Films.

The movie follows the story of Carding (Padilla), an ex-convict who is trying to start a new life by working as a driver for Kristine (Morales), a wealthy heiress. However, he gets involved in a bank robbery orchestrated by Kristine's boyfriend, and is mistaken by the police as one of the robbers. He escapes with Kristine and they go on the run, while being pursued by the cops and the real robbers.

Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede is a mix of action, romance and comedy, showcasing Padilla's charisma and charm as a leading man. The movie also features Dante Rivero, Roldan Aquino, Berting Labra and Nida Blanca in supporting roles.

The movie was a box office hit when it was released in 1999, earning more than 100 million pesos. It was also nominated for several awards at the Metro Manila Film Festival, including Best Picture, Best Actor for Padilla and Best Director for Posadas.

Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede is available to watch online on various streaming platforms. However, downloading or sharing the movie through torrent sites is illegal and may result in legal consequences. It is advised to watch the movie legally and support the Filipino film industry.Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede is one of the most popular movies of Robin Padilla, who is known as the "Bad Boy" of Philippine cinema. He started his career as a stuntman and later became a leading actor in action and comedy movies. He is also a singer, producer and director. Some of his other notable movies include Bad Boy (1990), Maging Sino Ka Man (1991), Anak ni Baby Ama (1996) and 10,000 Hours (2013).

Vina Morales is a multi-talented actress and singer who has starred in several movies and television shows. She is also a recording artist and has released several albums. She won the Best Actress award at the Metro Manila Film Festival for her role in The Sarah Balabagan Story (1997). Some of her other notable movies include Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum (1991), The Lilian Velez Story: Till Death Do Us Part (1995) and Dubai (2005).

Bayani Agbayani is a comedian and actor who is known for his funny antics and witty remarks. He started his career as a singer and later became a host and performer in various variety shows. He has also appeared in several movies and television shows, often playing comic relief roles. Some of his other notable movies include Tanging Ina (2003), D' Anothers (2005) and Agent X44 (2007).Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede is a movie that showcases the chemistry and humor of its lead stars. It is also a movie that delivers thrilling action scenes and heartwarming moments. The movie has a simple but engaging plot that keeps the viewers hooked until the end. The movie also has a catchy theme song, "Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede", sung by Vina Morales and composed by Vehnee Saturno.

Some trivia about the movie are:

The movie was partly shot in Baguio City, a popular tourist destination in the Philippines.

The movie was inspired by the Hollywood film The Chase (1994), starring Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson.

The movie was one of the last films of veteran actress Nida Blanca, who played Kristine's grandmother. She was murdered in 2001.

Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede is a movie that deserves to be watched and enjoyed by fans of Filipino cinema. It is a movie that showcases the talent and charisma of its stars, as well as the creativity and skill of its director and crew. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cry and cheer. It is a movie that proves that nothing is impossible if you have faith and love. 061ffe29dd


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