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Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandalrar

The Betamax Scandal that Rocked Philippine Politics: Vivian Velez and Rudy Farinas

In the late 1980s, a scandalous video tape surfaced in the Philippines that exposed the illicit affair between a popular actress and a powerful politician. The tape, recorded on a Betamax format, showed Vivian Velez and Rudy Farinas in compromising positions and revealed their involvement in corruption and bribery. The scandal shook the nation and tarnished the reputations of both parties.

Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandalrar


Who are Vivian Velez and Rudy Farinas?

Vivian Velez is a Filipino actress who rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s for her sexy roles in movies and television. She was dubbed as the "Ms. Body Beautiful" of Philippine cinema and was considered one of the most desirable women in the country. She starred in several box-office hits such as "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang" (The Woman Pulled from My Rib), "Nympha" (Nymph), and "Paradise Inn".

Rudy Farinas is a Filipino politician who served as a congressman, governor, and mayor of Ilocos Norte province. He was also the majority floor leader of the House of Representatives and a close ally of former President Ferdinand Marcos. He was known for his charisma, eloquence, and influence in the political arena.

How did their affair start?

The affair between Velez and Farinas began in 1987 when they met at a party hosted by Marcos' daughter Imee. They were both married at the time, but they were instantly attracted to each other. They exchanged phone numbers and started seeing each other secretly. They would meet at hotels, resorts, and even at Farinas' official residence in Quezon City.

Their relationship was not only based on lust, but also on mutual benefit. Velez admitted that Farinas gave her money, jewelry, cars, and properties in exchange for her sexual favors. She also claimed that he helped her secure movie contracts and endorsements. Farinas, on the other hand, enjoyed having a beautiful and famous mistress who boosted his ego and image.

How did their affair end?

The affair between Velez and Farinas ended in 1989 when Velez decided to break up with him. She said that she was tired of being his "toy" and that she wanted to save her marriage with her husband Rolly Quizon, son of comedian Dolphy. She also said that she was disgusted by Farinas' involvement in illegal activities such as smuggling, gambling, and drug trafficking.

Farinas did not take the breakup well. He became obsessed with Velez and tried to win her back by sending her flowers, gifts, and letters. He also threatened to expose their affair to the public if she did not return to him. He even hired private investigators to follow her and harass her family.

How did the Betamax tape leak?

The Betamax tape that showed Velez and Farinas' intimate moments was allegedly recorded by Farinas himself without Velez's consent. He kept it as a souvenir of their affair and as a blackmail tool in case she ever left him. He hid it in a safe inside his residence.

In 1989, a group of armed men raided Farinas' residence and stole several items, including the Betamax tape. The robbers were reportedly hired by Velez's husband Quizon, who wanted to get back at Farinas for ruining his marriage. The robbers sold the tape to a journalist named Ernie Evangelista, who then sold it to a tabloid publisher named Luis Beltran.

Beltran published still images from the tape on his tabloid "Philippine Star". He also distributed copies of the tape to other media outlets and politicians. The tape became a sensation and sparked public outrage and curiosity. It was dubbed as the "Betamax Scandal" because of its format.

What were the consequences of the Betamax Scandal?

The Betamax Scandal had serious consequences for both Velez and Farinas. Velez faced public humiliation and backlash from her fans and the media. She lost her movie contracts and endorsements and was blacklisted by some producers. She also faced legal charges from Farinas, who sued her for libel, slander, and violation of privacy. She eventually left the country and moved to the United States, where she pursued a career in real estate.

Farinas also faced public disgrace and criticism from his political opponents and allies. He was accused of corruption, immorality, and abuse of power. He was investigated by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the Presidential Commission on Good Government. He was also stripped of his leadership positions in the House of Representatives and his party. He resigned from his post as congressman and went into hiding.

What happened to them after the Betamax Scandal?

Velez and Farinas never reconciled after the Betamax Scandal. They both remarried and had children with their new spouses. Velez returned to the Philippines in 1995 and resumed her acting career. She also became involved in charity work and environmental advocacy. She is currently a host of a radio show called "Vivian Velez Live".

Farinas also returned to politics in 1995 and ran for governor of Ilocos Norte. He won and served for three terms until 2004. He then ran for congressman again in 2007 and won. He is currently serving his fourth term as representative of the first district of Ilocos Norte. He is also the chairman of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability.

How did the Betamax Scandal affect Philippine society and culture?

The Betamax Scandal had a significant impact on Philippine society and culture. It exposed the dark side of Philippine politics and showbiz, where power, money, and sex were intertwined. It also revealed the moral decay and hypocrisy of some public figures, who preached values but practiced vices. It also challenged the conservative and Catholic norms of the Filipino people, who were shocked and scandalized by the explicit and graphic nature of the tape.

The Betamax Scandal also sparked a debate on the issues of privacy, freedom of expression, and censorship. Some argued that the tape was a matter of public interest and that the people had the right to know the truth about their leaders and idols. Others argued that the tape was a violation of human dignity and that it should be banned and destroyed. The tape also raised questions about the ethics and responsibility of the media, who profited from sensationalizing and exploiting the scandal.

How did the Betamax Scandal influence Philippine cinema and art?

The Betamax Scandal also influenced Philippine cinema and art. It inspired several filmmakers and artists to create works that tackled the themes of sex, politics, and scandal. Some examples are:

  • "Scorpio Nights" (1985), a film by Peque Gallaga that depicted the sexual escapades of a college student who spied on his neighbor's wife.

  • "Macho Dancer" (1988), a film by Lino Brocka that portrayed the lives of male strippers in Manila's gay bars.

  • "Orapronobis" (1989), a film by Lino Brocka that criticized the human rights violations of the Marcos regime.

  • "Kasalanan Bang Sambahin Ka?" (1990), a film by Lino Brocka that starred Vivian Velez as a nun who fell in love with a priest.

  • "Betamax" (2019), a film by Dwein Baltazar that followed the story of a Betamax repairman who collected old tapes.

How did the Betamax Scandal compare to other sex scandals in Philippine history?

The Betamax Scandal was not the first nor the last sex scandal in Philippine history. There have been many other cases of celebrities, politicians, and public figures who were involved in controversies involving sex tapes, affairs, and scandals. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • "The Chiong Sisters Rape-Murder Case" (1997), a crime that involved the abduction, rape, and murder of two sisters by a group of young men, some of whom were sons of influential families. The case was marred by allegations of cover-ups, bribery, and injustice.

  • "The Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal" (2009), a scandal that involved the leak of several sex videos featuring cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho and various women, including actress Katrina Halili, model Maricar Reyes, and singer-actress Vicky Belo.

  • "The Ramgen Revilla Murder Case" (2011), a crime that involved the murder of actor Ramgen Revilla by his own siblings, who allegedly plotted to kill him over money and inheritance issues. The case also exposed the affair between Ramgen's girlfriend Janelle Manahan and his brother Ramon Joseph.

  • "The Deniece Cornejo-Rodjun Cruz-Vhong Navarro Rape Case" (2014), a case that involved the alleged rape of model Deniece Cornejo by actor Vhong Navarro, who claimed that he was set up and beaten by Cornejo's friends, including businessman Cedric Lee and actor Rodjun Cruz.

  • "The Paolo Bediones Sex Video Scandal" (2014), a scandal that involved the leak of several sex videos featuring news anchor Paolo Bediones and various women, including his ex-girlfriends and co-workers.

What are some of the lessons learned from the Betamax Scandal?

The Betamax Scandal taught some valuable lessons to the Filipino people and society. Some of them are:

  • Be careful with what you record and share online or offline. You never know who might get hold of it and use it against you.

  • Be faithful to your spouse or partner. Cheating can ruin your relationship and reputation.

  • Be honest and accountable for your actions. Don't lie or deny your involvement in a scandal. Face the consequences and learn from your mistakes.

  • Be respectful and compassionate to others. Don't judge or mock someone who is involved in a scandal. You don't know their story or situation.

  • Be critical and discerning of what you see or hear in the media. Don't believe everything you read or watch. Do your own research and form your own opinion.


The Betamax Scandal was one of the most sensational and controversial sex scandals in Philippine history. It exposed the affair and corruption of actress Vivian Velez and politician Rudy Farinas, who were caught on tape in a Betamax format. The scandal had serious repercussions for both of them, as well as for Philippine society and culture. It also inspired and influenced Philippine cinema and art. The Betamax Scandal was a lesson in morality, privacy, and media ethics for the Filipino people. d282676c82


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