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The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264

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The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264: A Classic Biblical Epic in CinemaScope

If you are looking for a movie that combines historical drama, romance, and faith, you might want to check out The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264, a remastered version of the first film released in the widescreen process CinemaScope[^2^]. The Robe is based on the novel by Lloyd C. Douglas and tells the story of a Roman military tribune who commands the unit that is responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus[^2^]. The film stars Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, and Michael Rennie, and features a score by Alfred Newman and cinematography by Leon Shamroy[^1^] [^2^].

The plot follows Marcellus Gallio (Burton), a tribune who is sent to Jerusalem by his rival Caligula (Jay Robinson), the regent of Emperor Tiberius (Ernest Thesiger). There, he meets his childhood love Diana (Simmons), who is pledged to marry Caligula, and his loyal slave Demetrius (Mature), who becomes fascinated by Jesus (Jeff Morrow). Marcellus is ordered to crucify Jesus, but after winning his robe in a dice game, he is tormented by nightmares and guilt[^1^] [^3^]. He sets out to find out more about the man he killed and his followers, while also trying to protect Diana from Caligula's wrath.

The Robe is a film that explores themes of redemption, love, and courage in the face of tyranny. It won two Academy Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design, and was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Burton), Best Cinematography, and Best Music[^2^]. The film was also a huge commercial success, grossing $36 million in the United States[^2^]. It spawned a sequel, Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954), which picks up where The Robe ends[^2^].

If you want to experience this classic biblical epic in high definition, you can watch The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264 on your preferred streaming platform or buy the Blu-ray disc online. You will be amazed by the stunning visuals, the powerful performances, and the moving story of The Robe.I'll try to continue the article for you. Here is a possible continuation:

Some of the highlights of The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264 are:

The opening scene, where Marcellus and Caligula compete in a gladiator auction and Marcellus buys Demetrius as his slave.

The crucifixion scene, where Marcellus witnesses the death of Jesus and wins his robe in a dice game with his fellow soldiers.

The scene where Marcellus visits the house of Justus (Dean Jagger), a Christian convert, and meets Peter (Michael Rennie), one of Jesus's apostles.

The scene where Marcellus and Diana confess their love for each other and plan to escape from Rome.

The final scene, where Marcellus faces Caligula in a trial and declares his faith in Jesus.

The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264 is a film that will inspire you with its message of hope and forgiveness. It is also a film that will impress you with its technical achievements and artistic vision. It is a film that deserves to be seen on the big screen or on a high-quality home theater system. Don't miss this opportunity to watch one of the greatest biblical epics of all time. 9160f4acd4


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