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Joe Jackson Big World Full Album Zip

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Joe Jackson Big World Full Album Zip

Joe Jackson's Big World: A Live Album with a Global Perspective

Joe Jackson is a British singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the late 1970s with his new wave and pop rock hits. In 1986, he released his ninth studio album, Big World, which was recorded live in front of an invited audience at the Roundabout Theatre in New York City. The album features 15 original songs that explore various aspects of post-World War II international relations and global travel.

Big World is a unique live album in several ways. First, Jackson asked the audience to remain silent while the band performed, so there is no applause or crowd noise on the record. Second, the album was mixed live and recorded directly to a two-track stereo digital tape recorder, without any post-recording mixing or overdubbing. Third, the album was released as a double LP with only three sides of music, leaving the fourth side blank. Jackson explained that he wanted to avoid the over-production that plagued many records of that era and capture the intensity and spontaneity of a live performance.

The songs on Big World cover a wide range of topics and styles, from the catchy pop rock of "Wild West" and "Right and Wrong" to the jazzy ballad of "Tonight and Forever" and the Latin-flavored "Tango Atlantico". Jackson sings about cultural differences ("It's A Big World"), political issues ("We Can't Live Together"), love affairs ("Fifty Dollar Love Affair"), nostalgia ("Home Town"), and more. The album showcases Jackson's versatility as a songwriter and musician, as well as his curiosity and concern for the world around him.

Big World received positive reviews from critics, who praised Jackson's ambition and creativity. The album also performed well on the charts, reaching number 34 on the Billboard 200 and number 4 on the UK Albums Chart. Big World is widely regarded as one of Jackson's best and most overlooked albums, and a testament to his artistic vision and integrity.

If you are interested in listening to Big World, you can download it as a zip file from this link, which contains three tracks from the album as a sample. You can also find more information about Joe Jackson and his other albums on AllMusic or Wikipedia.

After releasing Big World, Jackson embarked on a world tour to promote the album. The tour started in April 1986 and lasted until December 1986, covering Europe, North America, and Japan. Jackson performed with his band, which consisted of Rick Ford on bass and vocals, Vinnie Zummo on guitar, accordion, synth, and organ (until September 1986), Tom Teeley on guitar and vocals (from October 1986), and Gary Burke on drums. He also had four backup singers: Joy Askew, Nikki Gregoroff, Peter Hewlett, and Curtis King Jr.

The tour was well received by fans and critics alike, who praised Jackson's energy and charisma on stage. The set list included songs from Big World as well as some of his previous hits, such as "Steppin' Out", "Is She Really Going Out With Him", and "Breaking Us in Two". Jackson also performed some covers of songs by other artists, such as The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby", Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)", and Louis Jordan's "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby".

Some of the highlights of the tour were Jackson's appearances on TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, Nightlife with David Brenner, Wogan, and RAI. He also played at some prestigious venues, such as the Wembley Arena in London, the Forest National in Brussels, the Ahoy in Rotterdam, and the Carrà in Amsterdam. He also participated in some festivals, such as the Montreux Pop Festival in Switzerland.

The Big World tour was a successful and memorable experience for Jackson and his fans. It showcased his talent and versatility as a live performer and a songwriter. It also reflected his interest and involvement in the big world around him. ec8f644aee


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