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Red Alert 3 Uprising Maps Pack 39 [PATCHED]

Five other things to say about this mod: 1) Do you know why I released this mod into two parts? The first part of the file contain the static data needed to get the new content in-game and the second part of the file contain the misc data which has compiled maps, videos, scripts and shaders. Bibber managed to tweak that into the RA3 Mod BuildStudio which I found that to be more simplified. 2) For people who want aircraft to attack other aircraft, I have no interest to put their weapons back. But if you want, a source code for this mod shall be released (TBA) and then you can modify the aircraft if you wish to gain back the attack. 3) The power required for vehicles to be built shall affect the single-player campaigns for solo and co-op players. A modified map pack for this is on the way. 4) Regarding remaining bug issues with Uprising content, Bibber fixed most of them (in RA3 Resurrection instead of RA3 Upheaval), but he no longer releases the source codes for some unknown reasons he cannot explain. Therefore in that case, I cannot fix them on my own and Bibber cannot give source codes away to some modders who wanted the recent fixes in their mods. 5) This mod is not recommended to be played under Origin and the C&C Ultimate Collection since mods are currently not supported in those cases. Few other mods can be run under the C&C Ultimate Collection but not this mod. I don't use Origin so I do not know how C&C mods work there.

Red Alert 3 Uprising Maps Pack 39 [PATCHED]

40. Is there a guarantee that the remaining of the RA3 Uprising unit art packs be released so we can modify/edit them and put into the mod?Yes, Bibber released them for his Upheaval mod: -upheaval-source-code/getAnd so do I (with the original art): -wrath-reloaded/downloads/ra3-uprising-art-sound-pack

Abathur and Dehaka are an exceptionally powerful combination if coordinated correctly, virtually unstoppable during mid and late game. Use Dehaka to lure enemies into Toxic Nests for maximum biomass and essence harvest. While both have similar weak points in their game, Abathur's mend ability in the early game can allow a well-controlled Dehaka to clear out the initial enemies around his base, also allowing Dehaka to level up earlier. In the case both players go air units Dehaka can make a flight of highly durable mutalisks that shred through masses of air units to cover for either Abathur's longer-ranged guardians or Dehaka's faster-shooting, bomb-lobbing primal guardians and Abathur's debilitating devourers. Abathur's mines also help provide a consistent defense while Dehaka can call down the primal pack leaders to provide cover for Abathur's mid game. With Brutalisks, Leviathans and Dehaka himself spearheading attacks while Abathur's Queens provide healing, both armies can easily plow through even the largest enemy attacks that appear on maps like Mist Opportunities, Oblivion Express, Temple of the Past...with little to no loss, though extra caution must be taken should the enemy attacks consist of massed anti-army units like Void Rays and Tempests. 076b4e4f54


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