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Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED RePack: A Fast-Paced Take on the Classic Setting

Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED RePack: A Fast-Paced Take on the Classic Setting

Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED RePack is a compressed version of the latest installment in the popular shooter series, which returns to its roots in World War II. The game features a single-player campaign that follows Private Daniels and his squad through iconic battles such as D-Day, the liberation of Paris, and the Battle of the Bulge. The game also offers online competitive and cooperative modes, as well as a revamped Nazi Zombies mode that adds more depth and horror to the undead survival.

Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED RePack

The game has received mostly positive reviews from critics and players, who praised its fast-paced combat, immersive atmosphere, and diverse gameplay options. However, some also noted its flaws, such as its short and clichÃd campaign, its inconsistent performance and netcode, and its lack of innovation compared to previous games in the series.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED RePack, and help you decide if it is worth your time and money.


  • Fast-paced combat: Despite returning to a historical setting, Call of Duty WWII does not slow down its signature shooting mechanics. The game still requires quick reflexes, constant movement, and accurate aim to survive. The game also adds some new features, such as health packs that replace regenerating health in the campaign, and squad abilities that provide ammo, grenades, artillery strikes, and more. These features add some tactical depth and challenge to the gameplay.

  • Immersive atmosphere: Call of Duty WWII recreates the brutal and chaotic scenes of World War II with stunning graphics, sound effects, and voice acting. The game does not shy away from showing the horrors of war, such as blood, gore, explosions, and civilian casualties. The game also pays attention to historical details, such as authentic weapons, uniforms, vehicles, and locations. The game makes you feel like you are part of a larger conflict that has real consequences.

  • Diverse gameplay options: Call of Duty WWII offers something for everyone with its different modes. The campaign mode tells a personal story of friendship and sacrifice among soldiers. The multiplayer mode features various modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, War (a new objective-based mode), and Headquarters (a social hub where players can interact). The Nazi Zombies mode adds more layers to the classic co-op survival mode, such as a narrative-driven storyline, puzzles, secrets, and upgrades.


  • Short and clichÃd campaign: While the campaign mode has some memorable moments and characters, it is also very short (around 5-6 hours) and predictable. The game follows the same formula of previous Call of Duty games: linear levels with scripted events, slow-motion sequences, corny dialogue, and stereotypical villains. The game does not explore much of the historical context or complexity of World War II, nor does it offer much choice or consequence to the player.

  • Inconsistent performance and netcode: Call of Duty WWII requires a powerful PC to run smoothly at high settings. Some players have reported issues such as crashes, bugs, glitches, frame drops, stuttering, and lag. The game also suffers from some netcode problems that affect the online experience. Some players have experienced connection errors, matchmaking issues, rubber-banding, hit detection problems, and cheaters.

  • Lack of innovation: Call of Duty WWII does not bring much new to the table compared to previous games in the series. The game relies on familiar mechanics, modes, and tropes that have been seen before. The game does not take many risks or experiment with new ideas that could have made it stand out from other shooters. The game feels like a safe and polished product that caters to a mainstream audience.


Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED RePack is a solid shooter that delivers a fast-paced take on the classic setting of World War II. The game offers a good campaign mode that tells a personal story of soldiers in war. The game also offers online competitive and cooperative modes that provide diverse gameplay 29c81ba772


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